Test facility

Accurate monitoring of precipitation is the key to defining design conditions for control and regulation of flow as well as warning systems. Precipitation can be monitored using a range of methodologies that describe the type of precipitation (snow, size of raindrops), spatial distribution (radar) and precipitation intensity.

CALL role and contribution

To gain a better understanding of the advantage of different methods of precpitation monitoring, CALL has established a test facility where various types of equipment for precipitation monitoring can be tested and validated against state of the art technology.

CALL Copenhagen

  • Has made agreements with leading manufacturers on equipment installation at the CALL facility
  • Operates and maintains the equipment and has developed a database for the results that are shared with the manufactures and other interested parties


The facility includes a local area weather radar (Furuno), high accuracy rain gauge (Ott Pluvio), standard tipping bucket (Lufft), automated weather station (Lufft) and a disdrometer (Ott).

The facility is currently used in two development projects from Germany and Italy:

  1. Development of a digital disdrometer based on a microphone technology
  2. Development of algorithms to quantify the rain intensity based on images and videos.